Audience is My Lord to Judge my Jazbaa – Aish

Nervous Aishwarya counts her days for box office verdict

Audience is My Lord to Judge my Jazbaa – Aish

New Delhi, October 6: ‘Come back’ Bachchan Bahu Aishwarya Rai pins a lot of hope on her ‘judge’ i.e. audience. Lest her ‘come back’ turns ‘go back’ she, who has played a lawyer in her upcoming flick Jazbaa, is in dire need of a positive verdict at box office.

To an exclusive question by at her Delhi promotional outing in hotel Taj Palace, she said, ‘Audience is my judge. I have done the film with passion and I hope audience will judge my Jazbaa right.’ TodayB asked her was she sure she would win her case at box office too. Irfan described the film as intense and edge of the seat thriller and hoped the film would fare well at the box office.

It is perhaps suspense, how she fares in the case in the reel. Jazbaa releases on Friday but jury is still out whether she would make it at the box office or not. Aish herself is said to be on a lot of nerves for this film because stakes are very high for her again ruling the reel a few more years or wrap up to go her mother in law Jaya’s way.

To put it candidly, yesteryear bollywood heart throb showed not much of an earlier spark, though trappings were in full measure and kept journalists waiting for more than two hours, inviting censure that she did not take a cure from her very punctual father in law.

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Well, now 41 year old Aish refrained from making any loud presence in the outing- no showing of curves and skin as suits a Bachhan Bahu. Nude was there but in the form of a nude colored full length skirt and nude lipstick teamed with black blazer.

Though, throughout the press briefing ‘marriage’ and ‘motherhood’ related questions kept haunting her, she succeeded to deflect them in a good measure. When some grey was needed, Irfan would come promptly to bat for her.

She insisted that, though she was through about 5 years maternity sabbatical, she was never out of audience’s reckoning. She said, ‘I did not realize I had gone somewhere from screen. Yes, I became a mother but I kept up my presence in people’s imagination through my social work and advertisements. I am happy that audience was feeling the pinch of my absence.’

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