Watch: Akshay Kumar’s REACTION On Karan Johar Becoming A Father Was Rather SNAPPY And ABRUPT!

Seems like Akshay Kumar is in no mood to congratulate Karan Johar.

Filmmaker Karan Johar on Sunday morning surprised everyone with a happy news on becoming a father of twins through surrogacy. Karan Johar is now a proud father to twins Yash (after his late father) and Roohi (a re-arrangement of his mother, Hiroo’s name) were born on February 7. Soon after Karan shared the news on his twitter handle, B-town celebrities started showering blessings and love for the twins and congratulated Karan on becoming a proud father.

Recently, at the launch of the reprised version of his song Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast, from upcoming film Machine, Akshay Kumar was asked to comment on Karan Johar becoming a father to twins. Akshay Kumar heard the whole question calmly as soon as he heard about Karan Johar, he immediately reacted saying, “I will let him know about it”.

Akshay Kumar sounded quite rude on the same and we think, he could have royally ignored the question in some other way if he was in no mood to congratulate Karan Johar on a public platform.

Recently, Shah Rukh Khan was also asked to comment on the same at Mijwan Summer 2017 and the actor calmly reacted to the question, which was quite appreciated. He said, “It’s a personal moment. Let’s respect the privacy. Of course we all are very happy. We wish him happiness. It’s still very personal. So, don’t think I am being cagey by not answering about it. I have had this moment in my life so I know how personal it is. So, let’s respect it and leave it at that. We will have love, celebrations, happiness and health later.”

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