Ever since Honey Singh left the world tour SLAM 2014, with Shah Rukh Khan and other stars for the promotion of the film Happy Newy Year in 2014, reports have been rife that Honey Singh and SRK indulged in an argument, following which SRK slapped the singer-rapper and that led to his walking out of the tour.

However, nothing has been clarified till date. Hoeny Singh reportedly has been unwell or maybe depressed or perhaps also went to a rehab in Chandigarh.

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In an interview given to Hindustan Times in November 2014, Shalini Singh, the wife of YO YO said “Why would he slap him? These are all imaginary stories. Yeh toh sabko pata hai that Honey really respects Shah Rukh bhai, and bhai also treats Honey like a younger brother. In fact Shah Rukh bhai helped and supported us a lot. Doctors had advised Honey not to travel out of the country for the Slam tour but he had given his word to Shah Rukh Khan, so he went with him. However, on seeing his condition, bhai kept telling him to take it easy and not to perform if he wasn’t being able to. Bhai asked Honey to take care of his health. He was very understanding. On the tour, Honey was on heavy medication for his BP, and he slipped and fell during the rehearsals and injured his back and head. He was thus forced to come back home. So, Shah Rukh bhai hitting him is just a big rumour, we have no clue why and where it came from. He even got some calls asking him this and he made it clear that nothing like that happened. But even after the clarification those stories appeared, which is strange!”

And now according to a report in the same paper, SRK was quoted as ” I haven’t had a fight with him at all. He’s a sweetheart and a friend, and I haven’t met him for a long time as he has been unwell. I hope he gets well. I will surely call him soon, now that you have reminded me. I haven’t managed to keep in touch as I am not a very social person. I keep in touch with the people I am working with.”

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However, in between, in a report in Mumbai Mirror a close source of Honey has been quoted as saying “Neither of them may own up to it but I don’t think Honey Singh will ever work with SRK again.”

Honey Singh also left the reality show India’s Rawstar midway, and Himesh Reshamiya carried it forward since then.

There has been a lot said and written about the incident, however, we are still confused whom to believe or not. Let’s just hope there is really no problem between the two stars and we get to see them work together soon again and recreate the magic that Lungi Dance did.


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