9 Absolutely Motivational Celeb Insta Posts!

If you have been a victim of extreme hunger after going through the celebrity foodgrams we posted the other day ( read here), here is something that will motivate you to stay fit.

1. At Ease

That’s how Bipasha looks here. And this is anything but easy!




2. Roll The Rolls Away

Not like Alia has any. But it’s inspiring nonethless!




3. We Wish

After seeing this picture of Neha Dhupia, you literally feel the urge to get up, and stretch. How much ever you can.



4. On A Break Between Sets

Doesn’t it look like Sonam’s taking a break after a set of crunches? You know those sets where you can really feel the muscles of your stomach, or soon to be abs tensing up. Good feeling.




5. Is That You?

Is it really, Sonakshi?




6. Oh Malaika!

If that’s what has kept you in shape all these years, we’re in!




7. Planking Level Up

It’s not like planking is easy, but Nargis just takes it a level up with that roller.




8. Hello Split

We too would like to try that someday!




9. No Pain, No Gain

You can literally see it on John’s face that he’s pushing every bit of his body. And we’re sure you’ve also seen his body. No pain, no gain indeed!


Vigya Atri

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