The Dude Issues- A Bollywood cheat code.

Tired of reading endless stories, covering the already everywhere women’s issues.. Fret not, We heard you and did we come up with something for you..? Wondering how to impress your lady love true Bollywood style? Look no further, because we have just the right solution for you! Want to know what’s sexy and what’s not? Take your cue from these Bollywood rock stars and know who makes your lady go weak in the knees with his six pack and that sexy one day stubble.

1. Get The Look!

What makes girls tick? Hint- Drop the junk and eat right.


If women can crash diet and live on liquids, it wouldn’t hurt you to skip unhealthy foods which are only good in giving you a paunch. If you want your girlfriend to drool just the way she does at the sight of those Bollywood hunks then at least act your part! Dress like a man and not a boy! Agreed that you aren’t  a ranbir kapoor but you can surely learn a lesson or two from his wardrobe. The most impeccably dressed celebrities are just not the talk of town but also are a major hit with women. So, score more with the right attire!

2. Grooming!


So guys, be honest! On a  scale of Anil kapoor to Tiger shroff  how do you fare? Excess body hair is a major turn off. And your chances of getting laid are in negative unless you groom yourself. So, bear some pain for your girl and see where it shall lead you! No girl is ever likely to date a man with his body hair index even remotely close to Anil kapoor and at the same time nobody wants a Tiger shroff too! Think women are choosy? We have just started!

3. Stubble Is Sexy! 


It always was and it will always be! No matter what anyone says otherwise, a good old stubble never goes out of fashion. Our Bollywood celebrities have rocked the sexy stubble time and again. Don’t believe us? let the pictures talk.. John looks desirable and exude a ‘cool dude’ attitude effortlessly with his messy stubble. Want chicks digging you just like John-attractive-Abraham? Subtle and stubble is the way!

Finally, the most essential tip that you need to take into account if you want to be a hit with the ladies. Good manners and a beautiful smile never goes wrong. As much as every woman knows that chivalry is long dead but as along as polite and chivalrous Bollywood heroes exist, we are never going to believe it.  Think of celebrities like Shahrukh khan or Amitabh bachchan! The way they conduct themselves both on and off screen is a major head turner. And the way they treat their women makes us want to be their women!

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