Stars On The Ground! – Bizarre habits of Celebrities

They may look all prim, proper and perfect with enviable lives and lifestyles. But, our Bollywood stars, like every common human, have a few quirky habits and vices, they are trying to get rid off. Take a look at some of their weird, wacky weaknesses and get yourself some consolation and company. CAUTION: Some of it might actually freak you out, but then some of it will leave you in splits!

Sushmita Sen


Now did you know that our ex Miss Universe loves to bathe in the open, under the sky, gazing at the moon and the stars? Yes, you heard it right. Sush likes it that way and hence has her bathtub placed on her open terrace! And whatever becomes of her privacy!

Saif Ali Khan


The  Nawab has a really weird and bizarre habit. He apparently has a library in his bathroom!  now everyone knows of his love for reading but isn’t it a bit too much? He loves spending hours in that little territory, pondering over his life and other things. Royalty has its own quirks we say! Wonder if his wedding decision was also taken there! *just saying*.

Sameera Reddy

sameera raddy

She loves  tortoise (obviously the animal!) and this is quite evident with the number of objects that she has collected over the years that resembles a tortoise. Now there are so many tortoise like objects at her home, that she has no place for any more. We doubt that will really stop Sameera from going on her tortoise spree.

Amrita Arora

ameita arora

She does everything from buying clothes to turning up the volume on her stereo in even numbers. She has to do everything in even numbers and that’s the only way it works for our dearest Amu. We have to wonder though whether she follows the same policy for her films which flop.

Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta Hot

Apparently her mommy advised her to always sleep facing the east, but unfortunately she has a poor sense of direction and hence keeps turning around in bed trying to decide which side is east. Well Tanushree, we’re sure your geography teachers won’t be too happy hearing this.

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